Why Moms Party Pages?

31 March, 2019

Why Moms Party Pages?

From the moment we find out that we are going to become a Mom, we start to plan. The hottest trend right now is having a gender reveal with all your family and close friends to find out the babys gender and celebrate together. Soon after your family and friends will shower you with presents as you prepare to welcome your new bundle of joy. And without even realizing it, you just started a long journey of planning celebrations for milestones to come.  

As a mother of two teenagers, I have planned baptisims that could categorized as mini-weddings, I have had a first birthday in a large hall and  another in a restaurant with a private room. I have had numerous children's parties out, home parties, over-the-top communions and most recently my daughter's sweet 16. I have spent countless hours searching for the "perfect location". Which for me meant someplace easily accessible for both family traveling from Queens (where I once lived) and Suffolk (where we live now). It had to have the right feel for the event, and I always wanted to find the best deal or bang for my buck. 

I would spend countless hours searching through tons of moms pages looking for advice and I would ask my friends and family members for their recommendations. I would look at wedding sites to see if any locations matched my criteria. And I realized that I spent all this time looking for potential venues and vendors for my event but I didn't really have anything. I now I had a long, long compiled list of suggestions to research myself, call to make appointments, go view these locations, find out their party packages and pricing before really narrowing it down. 

Moms Party Pages was born... After a year of planning my daughter's Sweet 16 and endless hours of wasted time, I decided to create a space for moms to go when planning all of these milestone events. From adult celebrations, anniversaries, reveals, showers, religious events, every day birthdays, milestone birthdays like sweet 16's and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, from prom & graduation to corporate events, sit down dinners and the occasional moms' night out! Moms Party Pages is a growing list of local vendors and venues based off of your recommendations. It is a place where venues and vendors have the opportunity to create their own page with all their information, pictures, menus, events and bring you up front party package deals and special offers. It is all about saving time!!! 

I invite you to check out our Instagram & Facebook page @momspartypages where we will keep you up to date on new deals and events as they are added. I also invite you to join the community of moms planning parties on Facebook @momspartypagesgroup where the buzz has already started and moms are connecting with other moms, sharing advice, asking questions and get recommendations. Let's spend less time planning & more time partying!